Known Issues - February 16th

– Rocksteady

Below are lists of known issues and their current status.
This list primarily focuses on those with the most notable player impact and is not a comprehensive list of all known issues.


These issues are being targeted for future fixes, however in the meantime we have identified workarounds that can be used to bypass them while we investigate.

Steam players receive the error “Not in A.R.G.U.S Database” when trying to invite other Steam friends

WORKAROUND 1: Set matchmaking to “Open to Friends” and use the Steam overlay to invite players to a session.

WORKAROUND 2: In the social menu, use the “Add friend” option to search for your friends. You can invite them and view their profile from there.

Grenade gear slot becomes or remains locked after finishing “Don’t Blow It” in Chapter 2

WORKAROUND: Head over to penguin and craft a Grenade while in control of the affected Squad member(s) and then equip them.

Firearm 2 slot becomes locked

WORKAROUND: Head over to penguin and craft a weapon while in control of the affected Squad member(s) and then equip them.

Pre Order / Deluxe / Twitch Items are missing or have not been added to an account

We recently implemented some fixes that should reduce the number of players with this issue and further improvements are incoming.

However; if you are still missing your items we advise you to contact Customer Support at https://go.wbgames.com/DChelp

Losing game progress.

WORKAROUND: In some cases, we have observed that this has been caused after players have unlinked their WB Games Account and relinked it to another.

Game progress is linked to your WB Games Account, so switching it will cause this. Progress can be reclaimed by logging into the original WB Games Account. Alternatively, if you continue using the same WB Games Account this issue should no longer happen.

We will continue to monitor for instances of this happening. 

Players no longer seeing Incursion missions after completing Killing Time

WORKAROUND 1: Restart the game

WORKAROUND 2: Re-enter Killing Time and then exit back to Metropolis. The Incursions should be available again.


  • Infinite loading or crashing at the “Signing into WB Services” screen
  • Game performance on PC
  • Multiplayer connectivity and performance issues
  • Legendary/Notorious Gear losing their Augments when Overhauling the item with Penguin


  • Players blocked from increasing Finite Crisis Rank or Unlocking Mastery Levels after playing with a friend that has already progressed beyond Mastery Level 30

NOTE: This can be avoided by playing through the introduction to End Game and completing the Mayhem Mission before playing with friends at higher Mastery Levels.

  • Twitch drops not being granted to players
  • Ivy is sometimes missing/invisible in cinematics
  • Players sometimes being unable to pay in their Promethium to play Incursion missions when playing with friends
  • Players being locked out of Finite Crisis progress after playing with a friend in higher Mastery Level Incursions
  • Contracts featuring Shield Harvesting not being tracked correctly
  • Voice chat not working when matchmaking is set to “Open to Public”
  • Game crashing during shader optimisation
  • Various Achievements not unlocking on certain platforms
  • Loading into a game session sends players back to the seizure warning screen
  • Deadshot not animating correctly and/or appearing in the Rival Taunts of other Squad members
  • Errors retrieving the EULA
  • Steam players receive the error “Not in A.R.G.U.S Database” when trying to invite other Steam friends