Developer Update - May 3rd

– Rocksteady

Hello people of Metropolis!

It was great to see the positive feedback to the upcoming changes we laid out in last week’s Developer Update, and so we wanted to take the opportunity this week to touch on some of the other content you can expect to see in Episode 2.

Out of Orbit

In Episode 2 we will be debuting a brand new mission type: Out of Orbit.

Brainiac is on the hunt for his next world to invade and is phasing in Corrupted Justice League Watchtowers to locate his next target. By leaving these Corrupted Watchtowers partially phased in, they are invulnerable to attacks from the Squad, which is where Hack comes in to lock them down and allow Task Force X to get smashing.

Brainiac’s forces will be assaulting Metropolis from two dimensions at once. Enemies in another dimension cannot be harmed, but will still disrupt your ability to destroy the Corrupted Watchtower. That means your Squad will be switching between dimensions to take out Brainiac’s forces, lock down all the Control Points, and ultimately destroy the Corrupted Watchtower!

The Watchtower has its own defences to contend with, making this a challenging but incredibly fun new way to bring the fight to Brainiac.


Scientific progress never stops in Colu, and in Episode 2 Brainiac’s R&D division will begin rolling out a new type of Terminaut to contend with. The Promotinaut is a support enemy that can promote enemies to their next, more powerful level of mutation. Any Grunt enemy becomes a Bomber, and Bombers are promoted to the terrifying Destroyer.

Phasing in, Promotinauts will mark a target for enhancement. While pursuing their target they are slow moving and shielded from all damage, so keen eyed Squad Members should identify their targets quickly and make them the priority. Battlefield management and priority juggling is vital, so using a mix of Traversal and gunplay to take out these targets will make the Promotinaut vulnerable for a period of time. Failure to do so will see the Squad face an increasing number of Bombers and Destroyers. The Promotinaut is also vulnerable during the enhancement process, but this method is not advised unless the Squad is prepared to become the bottom of Brainiac’s food chain.

Carpet Bomb Boomerang Build

We think Captain Boomerang could use a little love, so we’re showing off an awesome build guide from Ironsmashweb. This Polka-Dot Man themed build uses his Grenades for massive damage, and some clever tricks to keep you stocked up.

Thanks for reading and we’ll be back next week!

See you in the Elseworlds,
Darroch & the Rocksteady Team