Developer Update May 17th

– Rocksteady

Hello people of Metropolis!

Episode 2 is almost here! And alongside will come a slew of new loot to hunt for. For this Dev Update, we wanted to deep dive into the new Two-Face Infamy set, alongside its new associated mechanics.


One of the main features of the Two-Face Infamy Sets is Punish, a new Status Effect that will have you delivering justice, unhinged criminal style.

The effect reads as follow:

  • Punished enemies 50% increased Critical Hit damage. Each Firearm hit on Punished enemies has a 50% Critical Hit chance while they are Burning.

At a base level, this is already a powerful effect when taken full advantage of. By combining weapons that apply Diablo Blaze and that benefit from crits, you can deliver some seriously high damage. The Joker and Deadshot are the clear favourites already with their penchant for burning and critical hits respectively, but that is just the beginning of what Punish can do.


The Manufacturer Augment for Two-Face Firearms reads as follows:

Successful Critical Reloads trigger Judgment for the next 10 seconds. While Judgment is active, Critical Hits with this firearm Punish enemies.

With good timing and good aiming this effect alone will keep all enemies around you Punished, meaning that you can activate the rest of the Tier 1 set.

1-piece bonus
  • Each hit you take has a 50% chance of Punishing the enemy that hit you.
  • TWO-FACE BONUS: Each time you Punish an enemy you regenerate 10% Shield.
2-piece bonus
  • Every 10 seconds, “Heads” or “Tails” alternate as active effects. While “Heads” is active, you deal 1250% more damage to Burning enemies. While “Tails” is active, melee hits have a 100% chance of Burning enemies.
  • TWO-FACE BONUS: Critical Hits on Burning enemies deal an additional 250% damage and you take 50% less damage from Burning enemies.
3-piece bonus
  • Killing Burning enemies has a 50% chance of causing a fiery explosion that Burns enemies within 25 meters.
  • TWO-FACE BONUS: Increases Critical Hit Chance by 100% on enemies that are both Punished and Burning

The Tier 1 Bonuses for Two-Face’s Infamy Set revolve almost entirely around Punishing and Burning, making for a simple but devastatingly powerful combo. This Infamy set is one of the simpler Episode 2 sets to play, made around the ‘Heads’ or ‘Tails’ buff. Once you find the rhythm, you’ll find a cadence of setting enemies on fire and then capitalising on this by doing bonus damage to Burning enemies. We hope you’ll also appreciate the defensive options that the set enables, especially on higher mastery levels.

Green Lantern Infused Enemies

Brainiac has developed his power over the Justice League’s DNA yet further, and has gained the ability to create Green Lantern Infused forces. These tricky enemies are able to summon Green Lantern Constructs, turning up the pressure on the Squad. To cap it all off, Green Lantern Infused enemies are immune to all direct damage until their Constructs have been destroyed, meaning you’ll need your target prioritisation game to be on point when tackling them.

That’s it for this week’s Developer Update, we’ll be back next week with more info on what’s coming to the game in future updates.

See you in the Elseworlds,
Darroch and the Rocksteady Team.