Developer Update – March 8th

– Rocksteady

Hello people of Metropolis!

We’ll keep the update nice and short this week, as we at Rocksteady are hard at work making sure the game is in the best shape it can be for when Season 1 launches later this month.

State of the game

With the release date of Season 1 announced, we are focused on ensuring that both the Seasonal update is ready, and that all upcoming fixes are thoroughly tested. We are also continuing to work on other remaining issues and will let you know when we are able to implement further fixes.

For those still experiencing issues with the game, we hear your frustration and thank you for your patience while we work on a fix.

Get ready for Season 1!

This week we made the very exciting announcement of Season 1’s release date: March 28th! We can’t wait for you all to play Suicide Squad’s first Seasonal update, with The Joker as a new playable character, a new Elseworld to explore, an arsenal of new weapons and gear, new missions and more. All free for those who own the game! 

But before we get any further into the update, here’s a little sneak preview of an explosive new grenade you’ll be able to unleash in Season 1, based on a character we’ve Spotted several of you talking about lately…

We’re so excited to share more of the upcoming content with you soon in the run up to the release of Season 1!

Known Issues

While we continue to investigate some of the more frustrating issues players may be experiencing, we are also logging additional issues that you might encounter from time to time. Some of these may have simple workarounds that you can use to get you back on mission and help you battle Brainiac’s forces.

If you’ve bumped into a bug that’s stopping you in your tracks, we may have a solution for you listed under our Known Issues. We aim to update this regularly so check back in from time to time for future updates.

We have workarounds for issues like Gear Slots becoming locked, negative Squad Talent Points, black screen when loading in and more. We hope these will help some of you affected while we work on a permanent fix!

Digital Deluxe Edition Limited Time Discount

If you’ve been interested in trying Suicide Squad, or maybe have a friend you’d love to play with, well now’s the perfect time to jump in. The Digital Deluxe Edition of the game is currently on sale, and with the free Season 1 update coming soon you’ll have a whole lot of new content ready to explore.

As a final note, we will be holding off on rolling out Focused Feedback (as detailed in last week’s Update) until Season 1, so stay tuned for more updates.

We can’t wait to share more on Season 1 in the run up to its release!

See you in the Elseworlds
Darroch and the Rocksteady Team.