Developer Update - March 28th

– Rocksteady

Season 1 is live! With The Joker, a new Elseworld, new gear, new missions and more all available for free to players who own the game, it’s the perfect time to jump back into the Elseworlds and see what the Season has to offer.

The Season 1 patch also brought with it plenty of gameplay changes and fixes, that has improved key issues for a number of players.

State of the Game

Following an extended maintenance window, we’re thrilled to see so many players enjoying The Season of The Joker.

For those of you who were waiting to get online during our maintenance period, thank you for being patient and we hope that you’re enjoying it. 

There is plenty of new content to discover with the launch of Season 1, and we hope that the fixes introduced in this patch will allow players to enjoy it as seamlessly as possible!

We believe the fixes to issues relating to logging in, multiplayer sessions and load times have improved these issues for many of our players, but if you are still experiencing these issues, please head to our Bug Reporting Website and report your issue.

We are continuing to look into a number of fixes that could not be included in this update, such as fixes for Raising Hell issues, further multiplayer and server stability issues and more.

Lastly, we’re aware of a couple of issues that have appeared since the patch on Tuesday, namely that some players have been experiencing disconnects while playing, and that Incursion Missions are not visible on the map for some players. 

We released a server hotfix on Tuesday evening that we believe has resolved the disconnects and we’re continuing to look into the missing Incursion Missions. This issue doesn’t affect Season 1 Incursions, so there’s a host of new missions for you to tackle while we investigate. 

Tips for the new Season

As you take the fight to Brainiac this Episode, you’ll encounter some new Incursions! These Incursions have just one objective: kill some bad guys, but each of the three will feature a different group of enemies to fight! With such a variety of battles, it’s important to have the right gear for each Incursion, as each will require a different playstyle and set of tools.

  • Laugh Riot will have you battling hundreds of Grunt enemies, meaning that area of effect attacks are just what you need! Polka-Dot Man’s Spotty Explosions can decimate swathes of enemies at once, making it the perfect crowd control for this mission, and Dr. Poison’s Maru II Injector’s Alt Fire will spread Poison to many Grunts at once, leaving them easy to finish off! With this many poisoned enemies, Pay It Four-Ward turns kills into lots of damage for… More kills!
  • Knock ’em Dead pits you against Brute enemies of all kinds: Tanks, Bombers, Destroyers and Choppers! With enemies this tough, you’ll need some powerful single target damage to take them down. Merlyn’s Blinding Shot will deal a lot of Critical Hits, and reduce the damage that those terrifying Destroyers deal to you, and Acu-Punch-Ture will boost your Crit Damage sky high, allowing you to take down some giants.
  • Imposter Syndrome features Infused enemies, meaning you’ll be fighting against the power of the Justice League. We can borrow a bit of Batman’s power, however… the power of prep time! As a side effect of the changes Brainiac is making to his forces in Episode 1, Batman Infused enemies are particularly vulnerable to the Deep Freeze Affliction, so equipping your gear with this Affliction mean you’ll be icing them like cupcakes. Flash Infused enemies take bonus damage after you Counter an enemy to charge your Speed Force Decoupler, so ‘Called Shot’ is perfect for a Counter build to make sure you’re always dealing maximum damage.

We look forward to hearing about your adventures in Metropolis in Season 1 over the next few weeks!

See you in Metropolis
Darroch & the Rocksteady Team