Developer Update - March 22nd

– Rocksteady

Hello people of Metropolis

Due to some website issues at the end of last week, we’re a little late with this one, but we still wanted to get this developer update out to you.

The Season of Joker is nearly here! There’s just a few short days until our first new recruit joins Task Force X so it’s the perfect time for both new and returning players to dive into the Elseworlds and see what new surprises the Season of Joker holds!

State of the Game

Last week saw both the release of the first trailer for Season 1 and the full patch notes for our Season 1 update. The next patch will be available for download on Tuesday 26 March, and you can read the full patch notes HERE.

We know many of you have been eagerly awaiting a patch to fix several issues, and we thank you for your patience. This is our biggest update yet, with hundreds of fixes and gameplay improvements, so we’d like to highlight some of the bigger changes coming alongside Season 1.


  • Mastery progression issues: A back-end fix was published earlier this week to address the bug that prevented players from progressing through Mastery Levels in End Game.
  • Achievement issues: Fixes for several issues that prevented players from completing all the Achievements in the game, particularly those regarding Riddler Trophies.
  • Login issues, multiplayer issues and load time issues: Back-end fixes along with more in the patch itself to address these issues. We believe issues will be solved for a significant number of players, with further fixes planned for any players still affected.


  • Brainiac will take extra damage from Counters in Finite Crisis. We noticed that defeating Brainiac was taking a little longer than expected, especially at higher Mastery Levels. We hope that this change will make the fight snappier and more intense and make Countering Brainiac more satisfying.
  • More HUD customisation. The patch will include the ability to toggle on/off Health/Shield Bars, XP Bar, Mission Objective and more.
  • Update to Sniper enemies’ teleport behaviour. Snipers will take damage when teleporting, teleport less frequently and players will be able to move closer without them teleporting. Go show ’em who’s boss.
  • Lowered Mastery Level required for End Game introduction. Each of the objectives during the End Game introduction sequence will require a lower Mastery Level to complete, allowing players to experience our End Game faster.

New Status Effect: Poison

The Infamy Set in Episode 1 will be themed around Scarecrow and all the fear he instils. One of the key new mechanics shared between the Infamy Set and several Notorious items is Poison, a devilish new way to deal damage over time to enemies and reduce the amount of damage they deal. However Poisoned enemies drop less Shield when Harvested, making for a high-risk high-reward style of play! There are also a multitude of ways to boost the power of Poison and synergise with, all waiting for you to discover.

Just What the Doctor Ordered

Having now teased a couple of the weapons you can expect in Season 1, we hear that you theory crafters are ailing for some more details on upcoming gear, and we’ve got just the prescription for you.

The Tier 1 Scarecrow Infamy Set is focused around Poisoning enemies and increasing their Shield Harvest chance. This makes for both a great skeleton to construct a Poison build around, or a fearsome addition to a Shield Harvest build (I’m looking at you, Shark mains).

In addition to all the usual powerful benefits on Infamy Sets is the ‘Fear Bonus’ which provides bonus powerful effects to each Tier during Episode 1!

With all this talk of Poison you know Dr. Poison had to get involved (it’s her one thing, ok?). And her Maru II Injector is just the way to really get toxic.

The standard fire of this weapon will Poison any enemy hit, and the alt fire will deal massively boosted damage to Poisoned enemies, making for the perfect finisher.

We’ve already shown off the look of Mad Hatter’s Three Leaf Clover, but we just had to show off the Villain Synergy that comes with the Scarecrow Infamy set.
By dealing Critical Hits, you will add Hats to your collection and when you get enough, wild effects will start happening.

The perfect addition to a Crit build, a Poison build, a Livewire Bolt build, or because you just love hats.! This is just a taste of the awesome synergies and combos coming in this Episode.

Twitch Drops

The release of Season 1 will see the return of Twitch drops for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League!

Just connect your Twitch account to your WB Games profile and from March 28 to April 5, you’ll be able to earn unique Joker-themed cosmetic items.

A Trinket, Gun Buddy and Outift can be earned by watching a streamer playing Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League with drops enabled for 30 minutes per reward.

See below for more details.

That’s all for this last week’s update. We’ll see you in a few days for the release of Season 1!

See you in the Elseworlds,
Darroch & the Rocksteady team