Developer Update - March 1st

– Rocksteady

Greetings People of Metropolis!

It’s been another busy week here at Rocksteady and we’re firing on all cylinders to get Season 1 to you, make gameplay improvements and, most importantly right now, tackle remaining issues!

Let’s start by going over this week’s patch.

Most Recent Patch

This week we published a patch focused on tackling the ‘Loading Metropolis’ issue that appeared the week before. This issue was causing some players to experience extended loading times upon completing a mission. Our data indicates that this issue has now been entirely resolved, and we haven’t seen any players report experiencing this issue since the patch.

As was most likely apparent from the fact that this patch contained only one change, this was a hotfix aimed at one issue. Therefore other changes in our ‘Resolved Issues Awaiting Release’ section could not be included, but we are aiming to include these fixes in upcoming patches.

Next Patch

We’re aware that many of you are eagerly awaiting our next patch, for bug fixes and gameplay improvements, especially the Mutator changes. We’re excited to get those changes into the game, and we’re hard at work getting them ready. Our main focus right now is getting the whole game ready to receive our free Season 1 Update this month, which includes the new playable character Joker, as well as new gear, environments, and more. As a result we won’t be releasing a patch next week as we dedicate ourselves to testing fixes and making sure they’re ready for implementation.

Having said that, we are investigating several possible fixes for both login and multiplayer issues that would not require a client-side patch to bridge us to the next patch. We will keep the community updated on this potential fix in our Discord.

Status of current issues

We believe the biggest issues this week are still login, matchmaking and Mastery progression issues. The updates on those are as follows:

  • Login issues: As mentioned above, we are investigating a fix to affected player’s profiles that would allow them to log in to the game that would not require a full client-side patch. Further fixes are being investigated for future patches.
  • Matchmaking issues: Same as login issues, we are investigating a fix to affect players profiles that would allow them to join multiplayer sessions which would not require a full client-side patch. We are also exploring server improvements to help tackle lag issues when playing in multiplayer sessions.
  • Mastery progression issues: A fix has been implemented that we believe ensures no new players will encounter the bug whereby they are unable to progress through Mastery levels. For players who encountered it before this fix was implemented, we aim to fix this issue for you in an upcoming patch.

We have also noticed reports of some players unable to progress through the Raising Hell tiers. We have identified several accounts affected by this issue and are looking into a fix currently. Thank you to all who reported this issue.

If you are experiencing these or any other issues, we have just updated our Known Issues list in our Discord. Please check there as there may be a work-around for your issue.

Meta tips

We’ve loved seeing players experiment with weird and powerful builds as they climb higher and higher up the Mastery Levels in End Game! One development we’ve particularly enjoyed was outlined by MrJay in a fantastic video they made recently highlighting the power of Hack’s Infamy Set Bonus: A Force of Bionics!

With the 2 Piece Bonus activated, any of the squad members can become a Shield Harvesting demon, slicing through hordes of enemies for insane damage and survivability. And the best part is, this is just the start of a build that you can customise however you like! King Shark can turn into an all-out Melee monster with the ‘Dominating Strike’ and ‘Primal Assault’ Talents, or equip ‘Stacked Deck’ and ‘Angry Face’ with Captain Boomerang for a Brute-shredding glass cannon. Jump into the Elseworlds and try it out for yourself!

Please check out MrJay’s video here for more details on how to play this build and more awesome content.

Focused Feedback

One common piece of feedback we’ve received is… About feedback! Namely you aren’t sure where to send your feedback based on what you’re reading in the Developer Updates or while playing the game. While we are and will continue to actively monitor our social channels for your feedback, we agree that there could be a more centralised place for us to hear your opinions. In that spirit we are going to trial a new channel within our Discord server: Focused Feedback!

‘Focused Feedback’ will be a channel where we will ask for feedback on a specific change we’re considering making to the game, but want your opinion on first. Or for if we want your ideas on a specific way we could improve the game. We think this will be a really positive change to ensure the future of Suicide Squad is a collaborative process!

We will start this channel up next week so keep an eye out within our Discord.

Thanks as always for the feedback on the game,

See you in the Elseworlds,
Darroch & The Rocksteady Team