Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Accessibility Features

– Warner Bros. Games

Hello Task Force X Recruits!

You’ll find the accessibility features and options available for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League players listed below.


Camera Re-Center

  • Allows the User to press an input to re-center the camera behind the Player character’s back.

Camera Re-Center on Objective

  • Allows the User to press an input to re-center the camera towards the current objective.

Color-Blind Modes / UI Color Customization

  • Multiple preset colorblind modes for the UI, along with full UI color customization.


  • Subtitles are present for all of the title’s in-game dialogue, cinematics and optionally inside the Main Menu / Pause Menu

Subtitles Customization

  • Settings allowing the User to modify the following aspects of Subtitles: Text Size, Text Color, Background Opacity and Background Color

Speaker Names

  • Shows the name of the character that is currently speaking when Subtitles are displayed.


  • Audible voice reads the title’s textual content when it is highlighted / presented.

Text-To-Speech Settings

  • Allows the User to modify the Text-To-Speech’s Volume, Voice, and Speed.


Separate Audio Volume Settings

  • Separate Volume Sliders for the following audio features: Master Volume (All), SFX Volume, Dialogue Volume and Music Volume.

Separate Audio and Text Language Settings

  • Allows the User to change the Language of the title’s Audio and Text separately


Separate Sensitivity Settings

  • Separate sensitivity settings for looking around, aiming, and aiming with a scope.

Aim Assist

  • Assists the User by automatically locking onto a target when aiming.

Control Schemes and Remappable Controls

  • Multiple preset input layouts and fully remappable controls.


  • Allows User to run continuously with a single press instead of holding the related input.

Toggle Aiming

  • Toggles aim-down-sights action with a single press instead of holding the related input.

Tap Inputs

  • Replaces the tapping inputs (repeated pressing of an input) to a single press.

Input Cooldown

  • Adds a delay between input detection.

Separate Camera Auto-Follow / Auto-Correct

  • Automatically rotates the camera to behind the Player Character’s back when the following actions occur: Using Traversal Abilities, landing after using Traversal Abilities, Melee Attacks and Knockback.



  • All information concerning the title’s lore, gameplay mechanics, tutorials, characters, and collectables can be found in this tab

Mission Summary

  • A short description of each mission’s objective and story context is available in the Main Menu. This applies both to completed and current missions.

Replayable Tutorials

  • All tutorials can be replayed through the Chapters menu without losing progress.

ACS (Advanced Communication System)

Voice Chat Settings

  • Users can modify their microphone gain and adjust the volume of incoming Voice Chat


  • Transcribes the Voice Chat’s content to text and displays it in a Chat box on the screen.


  • Allows Users to communicate with other by entering text with a keyboard.


Difficulty Levels

  • Easy, Medium, and Hard difficulty levels are available for the User to choose from.


  • The title automatically saves the User’s progress.

Motion Blur Toggle

  • Allows the User to enable or disable the Motion Blur seen in the title.

Camera Shake Option

  • Allows the User to enable or disable the Camera Shake seen in the title.

Field of View Option

  • Allows the User to modify the value of the Field of View.

Fullscreen Effects Settings

  • Allows Users to remove all Fullscreen effects or remove low health / shield Fullscreen effects.

Disable Graphic Bomb Effects

  • Disables the graphic VFX of the Player character’s head exploding when exiting a mission’s area.

HUD Elements Toggles

  • Allows the User to disable and enable separate HUD elements to their liking.

Settings Descriptions

  • Each of the title’s setting has a description to allow Users to understand what they are modifying.