Developer Update May 24th

– Rocksteady

Hello people of Metropolis!

Episode 2 is here! We’ve loved hearing about your exploits in the Elseworlds as you experience the new content available.

This week we wanted to remind you of some of the new Mutators and gear, with some tips on how best to overcome new obstacles… Other than setting enemies on fire. 


The biggest change to how you’ll experience the Elseworlds in Episode 2 is the change to Mutators. As we laid out in a previous update, we’ve flipped Mutators so they’re power-ups for your Squad rather than hindrances. This will give you more customisation to find that perfect playstyle. Mutators are there to be powerful when taken advantage of, but if you choose not to use them you won’t be punished for playing how you like.

‘Desperation’ is a high-risk, high-reward Mutator that will push your skills to the absolute limit. This one allows you to deal 75% more damage for every 10% Shield you are missing, so in Episode 2 you can play as the ultimate glass cannon. Coupled with Bizarro’s Undeath Ray, you’ll be flirting with death all the way to the highest Mastery Levels.

Lex-2 Enemy Analysis

Also coming in Episode 2 are the new Lex-2 Enemy Analysis modifiers, which are mission-specific modifiers similar to the new Mutators. Again, engaging with them is optional, but when pushing into the highest Mastery Levels, these effects might just make you fall in love with Lex all over again…

A great example of Lex-2’s Enemy Analysis is ‘Oil Coating,’ and it’s perfectly placed to make the best use of the new Two-Face Gear Set. This modifier means enemies take double damage from all sources while Burning, meaning that the synergy with Punish and Diablo Blaze Affliction gear makes for a very powerful bonus.

New Gear

If you need an extra power boost while fighting through the Elseworlds, then the new Corrupted Notorious gear and higher Master Rank gear will tip the scales in your favour. 

Make sure to head to this Episode’s Mayhem Mission to hunt for the new Corrupted Notorious gear, as they offer unique and extremely powerful twists on existing Notorious items. These wild effects can make all the difference in perfecting your builds at the high Mastery Levels.

In addition to that, Master gear now comes in different Ranks of power, from Master 1 to Master 5. This will give you min-maxers something to hunt for and perfect your loadout with.

All these features and more can be read over in detail in the Patch Notes, alongside many of the bug fixes and improvements made with the launch of Episode 2.

Titan Infected Outfits

Your style will be downright infectious with the Titan Infected family of Outfits, available now in the Store. Inspired by the (in)famous battle against The Joker in Batman: Arkham Asylum, this look will have you unleashing your rage Clown-style. I’m sure the spikes are reversible too…

Thank you all for reading, we look forward to hearing about your adventures with Episode 2!

See you in the Elseworlds,
Darroch & the Rocksteady Team.