Developer Update – February 23rd

– Rocksteady

Greetings people of Metropolis!

Let’s jump right in by talking about the patch that we launched this week, as well as some changes we’re considering in response to your feedback.

This Week’s Patch

The patch that we released this week was our first major roll-out of bug fixes for the game. We addressed a variety of issues, which should contribute to an overall smoother experience when playing through the story. Following the patch going live, we’ve seen reports from some members of our community that they’re unable to complete some Incursion missions due to a loading screen issue. We started investigating these reports as soon as they came in and the team is working to resolve this as soon as possible. We understand the frustration this is causing and apologise to any players currently affected by this issue.

We also want to talk about some of the other issues we were not able to include fixes for in this patch, and their respective statuses.

  • While some of the login issues previously reported by our community have been addressed in the latest patch, we are aware that some players are still encountering difficulties logging into the game. We’re working on these and will continue to update the community in future patch notes.
  • For players experiencing lag when playing in Multiplayer sessions, we believe this patch has helped to alleviate this issue somewhat. For players who are unable to join Multiplayer sessions entirely, we are actively working on this problem.
  • Mastery Progression issues. Despite a fix for players unable to progress to higher Mastery Levels being included in the ‘resolved issues waiting release’ section of our Known Issues, we were not able to include it in our most recent patch. We will include this fix in an upcoming patch.

If you’re experiencing any issues with the game, please reach out to Customer Support so we can get more information to identify a fix. Making sure the game performs well for all players remains a top priority for us, and our engineering and code teams are working hard to address issues as quickly as we can.

Aside from bug fixes, this week’s patch also includes a couple of changes to the Promethium-earning loop in End Game. Completing Raising Hell tiers now grants increased Promethium, meaning that this will be a great new way to earn Promethium in Metropolis. As an extra boost to players who are new to End Game, the first Mayhem mission will now award 9000 Promethium, up from 3000. We hope these changes will make it easier for new players to explore Finite Crisis

Full patch notes are available here:

Current Meta

We’ve been keeping a close eye on Mastery Level balancing and, since we fixed the issue with the Burn status effect, we’ve seen some really interesting builds emerge that are allowing players to reach higher Mastery Levels! We’ve loved seeing the new meta emerge and players getting creative to really push the Mastery Levels!

There are some really strong crit damage builds, Freeze builds and Traversal Attack builds that you’ve found. And while we think the state of End Game is in a better place, we’re looking forward to giving you even more variety in your End Game experience soon.

With the release of our first Season we’re increasing the number of Incursion missions from three to six, and you will only need to play three out of those six missions to increase your unlocked Mastery Levels.

The three additional Incursion missions are what we call “Combat Incursions”. These are unique and intense combat encounters that give you more freedom to experiment and explore the best way to complete the mission.

Upcoming Patches

In the previous Developer Update we shared some of our plans to act on community feedback, mainly regarding the BOOM! and Affliction Immunity Mutators. Following a positive response to our proposed changes, we aim to include updates to both BOOM! and Affliction Immunity in an upcoming patch. Affliction Immunity will now cancel on any damage taken, and BOOM! won’t trigger from Suicide Strikes and Shield Harvesting kills. Thank you all again for your feedback and thoughts!

Another change that we’re looking to make in an upcoming patch is to increase the amount of damage that Counter shots deal to Brainiac in the Mayhem mission. This will allow you to more consistently damage Brainiac in this encounter whilst still keeping the intensity and challenge high!

As for Killing Time, we want this to be a fast-paced fight for survival which puts your skills to the ultimate test! Therefore, we’re planning a change for Episode One that will keep the mission contained to a more concentrated area, resulting in a more intense battle!

Thank you all again for your patience while we work on improving the experience for our players – and please keep the feedback coming.

See you in the Elseworlds,
Darroch & The Rocksteady Team