Developer Update - April 19th

– Rocksteady

Hello people of Metropolis!

This week’s update will be a rather quick one, highlighting some of the ongoing events in the game, and another awesome build guide!

Bonus XP and Promethium!

Until Monday April 22nd you will earn bonus XP and Promethium while playing the game! So if you’ve been waiting to get your King Shark to Level 30, or wishing you could spend more time in the Elseworlds, now’s your chance!

Gentleman Ghost Oufits

Get your spook on with the new Gentleman Ghost Outfits available in the store now! These Outfits, inspired by the haunting highwayman, offer the squad a level of dapper heretofore undreamt of, as well as new Traversal Gear effects as you glide around the city. With versions for Harley, Shark, Deadshot and Boooooomer (apologies), you’ll be haunting Metropolis in style.

Ice-Cold King Shark Build Guide

With The Joker’s affiliation for fire, and the recent buff to Burn, it feels like Diablo Blaze has been getting all the love lately. But krispyENT has an ice-cold Freeze build for King Shark. With his mixture of Deep Freeze infused grenades and devastating melee hits, this build will truly have you feeling like the son of a god.

We appreciate there are several community questions following the release of Season 1 and our plans for future Episode content. We’ll be back in touch soon to discuss our plans for Episode 2, and we appreciate your patience while we continue to work on the game. 

Thanks as always for the continued feedback.

See you in the Elseworlds,
Darroch & the Rocksteady team