Developer Update - April 12th

– Rocksteady

Hello people of Metropolis,

Yesterday we launched another patch for the game, aimed at fixing a variety of bugs and making improvements to Season 1 play based on player feedback. We wanted to reiterate some of the biggest changes that came with the patch, as well as provide some context on the reasoning behind their inclusion.

As the main topic of discussion for this week is the patch this will be a shorter Developer Update, as most of the necessary information is contained within the patch notes. We will be keeping a close eye on the feedback so let us know your thoughts on the changes we have introduced, and keep those bug reports coming. 

This Week’s Patch

There were several improvements made in this weeks patch, which are covered in detail in the Patch Notes. A few of the biggest changes that we wanted to provide additional context on are as follows:

Battle Pass XP doubled from most sources

  • We have doubled the amount of Battle Pass XP gained from missions and Cargonauts, in the hope that players will be able to get to the awesome rewards sooner. We will be keeping an eye on player progression through the Battle Pass tiers with the new numbers in case further change is required.
  • As a reminder, missions and Cargonauts are not the only sources of Battle Pass XP. You can also get a nice chunk of Battle Pass XP every day by ranking up and collecting up your Care Packages, In addition to that you can also complete daily Contracts that will help you progress through the Battle Pass much quicker! 
  • Lastly, Battle Passes in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League do not expire after their Season is over, so you can progress through at your own pace and revisit them whenever you like.

Reworked Craze Immunity Mutator

  • We have reworked this Mutator to no longer make enemies immune to Venom Frenzy, but simply debuff the power of Venom Frenzy in Episode 1. This is a quick change we can make to allow players to use Bane gear in Episode 1 while we take a deeper look at the role of Mutators in End Game play, which we hope to talk more about soon.

Raising Hell fix

  • We’re aware that a number of players have been experiencing an issue whereby their Raising Hell playlist is not correctly completing, despite them having completed the necessary criteria. We have implemented a back-end fix that will fix this issue for most players in the short-term while we work on implementing a more permanent fix in the near future.

Black Screen fixes

  • We have fixed a number of bugs that were causing players to be presented with a black screen when loading into the game. We know a few players were experiencing this issue and believe it should now be largely resolved, and we’ll keep an eye out for any further instances of this. 

This is not a laughing matter

We’ve seen some awesome creativity with the new gear since the launch of Season 1, and for those of you looking for a little inspiration and a whole lot of fire-power, one of our favourite content creators Laajune has you covered. This awesome glass cannon build for The Joker will see you flying up the Mastery Levels in no time.

Thanks all for the continued feedback,

We’ll see you in the Elseworlds,
Darroch & the Rocksteady team.