– Rocksteady

Hello Task Force X,

We want to start out by saying thank you to everyone who’s played Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League so far! We’ve loved hearing about the stories you’ve had in Metropolis, and can’t wait to continue our fight against Brainiac with you!

This patch mainly addresses some of the bugs and difficulty scaling issues that were affecting players as they progressed to the higher Mastery Levels (40+). We hope that these changes will lead to a more balanced, varied and overall enjoyable experience as you take on ever increasing challenges!

We do, however, know that some of our players are running into issues which are not addressed in this patch. These include but are not limited to matchmaking issues, login issues, performance issues & progression issues, among others. While we were not able to get those fixes implemented in this patch, know that we are aware of the frustration these may cause and are working on making further improvements in upcoming patches. We will be updating our Known Issues channel in our official Discord in the near future as the status of these develop.

We’ll see you in Metropolis!


  • Fixed a bug that was causing Burning damage to scale with both player damage buffs and enemy debuffs. Burning damage should only be scaling via enemy debuffs.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Toyman to stack multiple of the same Augment on your gear. 
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented modifications to Augments on your gear from saving after exiting a multi-player session and joining a single-player session.


  • Heat Wave’s Molten Skin & The Turtle’s Shell have had their damage reduction reduced from 100% to 90%.
  • Due to some players exploiting certain mission mechanics, vehicle kills during Gizmo’s Support Squad missions no longer grant XP. You are still awarded XP for mission completion.
  • With the fix to Burning damage, players will be less likely to get to the same Mastery Level as before. As a result, we will be creating new Leaderboards in the interest of fairness. Fear not though, as we will be archiving the existing Leaderboards, so those currently atop the rankings will live on in infamy!
  • With the fix coming to Burning damage scaling and hearing the concerns around hitting a wall when climbing Mastery levels, we have reduced enemy health scaling for Mastery levels 46 and above. 
  • To keep things challenging, enemies at Mastery level 46 and above will now deal more damage.